Community: Together we all rise. We build bridges across cultures, supporting the growth of a collective and conscious community. All of our retreats support indigenous communities and the continued thriving of Amazonian villages and spiritual leaders. Our work is to support those who lead us in collective healing so that they can support their communities, protect the rainforest, and honor the sacred traditions that hold the key to our collective rising.

Environment: We work with sustainable land stewardship practices to heal the Earth and support our rooting for rising. Practices we work with include permaculture design, natural beekeeping, bioregional herbalism, food system consciousness, and connecting with the local land steward within you.

Human: Humans connected to the heart are fulfilled and excited to co-create with the world. We work resilience skills and community building during retreats supported by post-retreat integration packages to ensure we can all keep showing up for ourselves and our global community.