Our retreats are designed around sharing, learning, and thriving in community. We mix sacred medicine journeys and resilient living skills building to connect our inner and outer worlds.

All retreats are designed to grow and share as a family. We live, eat, circle, and learn together in loving awareness and respect.

Sacred Valley Retreats: Alma y Tierra Cultural Retreat Center is based in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. Here we gather and host retreats throughout the year working with sacred medicines and resilient living skills.

Sacred Medicine Journeys: We work with sacred medicines of rapé, sananga, grandmother Nixi Pae, kambo, ceremonial cacao, and local herbal preparations, guided by indigenous medicine guides.

Skills as medicine: All of our retreats weave in hands on workshops and immersive experiences with local herbalism & medicine making, fermentation, cacao circles, permaculture design, yoga & movement and music as medicine.

Sample Retreat Flow

Welcome & Retreat Opening

  • Welcome and Settling in, Tips For Sacred Valley Living
  •  Rapé and Sanãnga sacred circle to open the sacred space in the Sacred Valley.
  • Opening Group Meal
  • Intention Setting Activity

Sample Week includes the following activities

Note these are scheduled out with plenty of time for rest and self-reflection

  • Morning Movement and Meditation
  • Cacao Ceremony and 1:1 follow ups
  • Integration work: Hands on Workshops & Immersive Experiences
  • Rest & self-preparation for Ceremony
  • Music and Sharing Circles
  • Rapé Initiation and learning to prepare plant medicines
  • Plant medicine daytime ceremonies, on select days
  • Evening: Nixi Pae Ceremonies, on select days