We are involved in several community based projects, co-developed in partnership with communities in the indigenous land of Acre, Brazil, located in the Amazon rainforest.

These projects include:

1.- Water Well system design and installation to bring potable water to the Mirrors of life Village (Espelho da Vida):

This well will be located in the indigenous Huni Kuin village, Mirrors of Life, dedicated to the preservation of their ancient wisdom and medicine traditions in the Brazilian Amazon.

While it is easy to imagine the abundance of water in the Amazon rainforest, many people overlook the high levels of pollution that makes the water unsafe to drink. We want to provide clean water for consumption making further development of the villages in this area feasible and achievable.

2.- Construction of three structures in the Mirrors of Life Village

These structures include a Maloca, Temple, and a House of Prayer. These spaces are absolutely necessary facilities for holding ceremonies. The existing main Ceremony space in the village holds up to 100 people. This space needs to be roofed because of the strong rains during certain parts of the year. A roof will ensure this structure can be utilized year round and reduce the number of repairs required after the peak of the rainy season.

3.- United States Location for Alma y Tierra (California)

As a land based project and community gathering point, it is necessary for us to have a long term space for our activities in the United States. We need a stable place to host people, retreats, and develop the land based principles that are part of our mission. With a stable space, designed specifically for our style of community based gatherings, we can host regular offerings with a consistent flow of indigenous medicine holders. We can regularly bring representatives such as the Huni Kuins, Yawanawas, Varinawas, Shananawas, etc. to share their culture and traditions in the US. Our current activities in the United States are sporadic due to changing locations and logistics. A space in the US will provide us with the perfect platform to expand our vision of values based living as a key for humans to achieve global peace and harmony.