Much of the work begins after ceremony. With Yarrow Resilient Institute we work resilient living skills and heart centered connection into the retreats for mind-body-soul connection.

We also offer personalized and group integration packages to support the transition back home.

Workshops during the Retreats with Yarrow RI are adjusted to our group needs and include a mix of: cacao ceremonies, yoga & meditation, herbal medicine making, plant walks & meditations, fermentation, hands-on learning, plant spirit connection sessions, women’s womb work and more.

Integration work is woven in throughout the retreats and includes group and personalized sessions.

Post-retreat Integration: Customized individual and group integration packages are available including single plant dietas, cacao journeys, herbal medicine making and 1:1 deepening sessions with elemental earth wisdom, and beyond. These are available as a separate package.

Yarrow Resilient Institute teaches resilient living skills, reconnecting soul and heart. Yarrow’s on-site guide, Kat connects people to the essence of who they are so they can step fully into who they are becoming with an open heart and willing soul.